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There is no denying that the popularity of E-cigs has grown in recent times and will keep growing as time goes by. The industry has been boosted by the fact that among other things, the e-cig has been credited with helping a lot of people quit smoking.
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Electronic cigarettes, which are commonly known as the e-cigarettes are designed in such a way that they look exactly, like the normal cigarettes. The only difference between a regular cigarette and an electronic cigarette is that where the former uses a matchstick or a lighter to get initiated,
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With every passing day, new people join the club of smoking and at the same rate, the number of people smoking electronic cigarettes is also increasing E cigarettes appear to be similar to the regular cigarettes but are totally different in its structure,
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You are probably heard of from your doctor, your friend or from any of the researches that you have done that the massage can help dealing with your prostate issues. This is easy, you can do it by yourself in pain free, drug free and all natural method. It is 100% safe and effective! It is designed for getting relief from the symptoms and promote healing, also helping to restore your full masculi Read More »
A research that involved 549 active smokers with prostate cancer and 951 nonsmokers at the time underwent radical prostatectomy and were observed for a median of 61 to 78 months for different outcomes. Read More »
According to a medical study, one type of stem cell evolve from prostate cancer cells, and then developed to look like a different stem cell that makes prostate cancer stem cells a "moving target" for treatments. The study further reveals that there is a small part of stems cells found in each cancer cell that is responsible for the continuance and progression of the disease. Read More »
The da Vinci Surgical System was generally designed to make surgery less invasive. Medical experts explain that "less invasive surgery" means less blood loss and quicker healing time. It is a complex robotic platform designed to allow surgeons to make lesser, smaller, and more accurate incisions in doing surgery on patients through the use of its magnified 3D high-definition camera and miniatur Read More »
Aside from having a satisfactory sexual life, a healthy vaginal health may mean a lot to a woman in terms of reproduction and the prevention of illnesses that may greatly affect one’s quality of life. Ailments related to this area can be numerous that knowing these can be overwhelming. It may be very beneficial to at least learn the most common infections that may affect a woman’s vaginal health. Read More »
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