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There is burgeoning number of Westerners wanting to learn Mandarin Chinese as a means of overcoming the language barriers when dealing with business partners or others in China. If you want to learn Chinese efficiently and reasonably quickly, then you will need the right set of resources and the best apps.... Read More »
The Chinese idiom 买椟还珠(mǎidúhuánzhū,mai3 du2 huan2 zhu1)is used to satirize the behaviors of those who do not focus their attention on the main issues but get bogged down in minor details. It is derived from the story narrated in “外储说左上”(wai4 chu3 shuo1 zuo3 shang4) from 韩非子(han2 fei1 zi3)....
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The Chinese idiom 叶公好龙(yègōnghàolóng,ye4 gong1 hao4 long2)literally means someone who professed love of what he really fears. It was first created in 刘向(liu2 xiang4) essay “新序杂事五”….
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Have you ever been interested in the field of law or attracted to the complexities and intricacies which law is associated with? Whether you are a business man, a student, an employee, a government agent or a retired person, at one point or the other, you may have needed to contact a lawyer for solving some or the other dispute... Read More »
Driving is one activity which is more like a necessity in today’s world where owning a car is not really a prestige issue but is more of a requirement for everybody….
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We often find ourselves in the middle of a situation where we need the help of a lawyer or a law expert to either understand legal documents, agreements or to get legal advice about various matters in life….
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If you have a high net value, a private business are at danger of being charged or have children from a past relationship, then you should be worried about ways to reserve your capital, defend your assets from creditors and confirm that you have sufficient money to last a lifetime and to pass onto your inheritors..... Read More »
In the vast field of law, lies a complex sub-field which is not only related to nationality law but also holds a lot of importance for those looking to move out of the country....
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